The Lonely Beast Storytrail

The Beasts are very rare and quiet, they like nothing better than tending their gardens, drinking tea and eating cake until one day one of the beasts felt very lonely indeed and decided to go and find some other beasts…

Follow the lonely beast through forests, up mountains, into dark caves and across the sea in search of some company.

The Kenure storytrail in Rush, the second in Fingal, aims to bring great kid’s stories into the outdoors and provide an interactive storytime for the whole family to enjoy.

The storytrail consists of timber posts dotted along a route in Kenure park, each of which has a page of the Lonely Beast recreated on it. Children can follow the trail as the story unfolds. This is a set of permanent structures accessible to all. Open all the time through a publicly accessible park.

Age: All ages

Date: Commencing June 11th, 2022 – Permanent exhibition

Time: N/A

Venue: Kenure Park, Rush

The Lonely Beast