Planning and Development

Housing Estate Naming and Numbering Management

Development Management

Councils can advise residents and developers of requirements for naming and numbering housing estates and approve the final proposals.

The naming of mixed residential and mixed use schemes should reflect local history, folklore and/or place names in accordance with Objectives CH53 and DMS38 of the Fingal Development Plan 2017-2023.

Names can refer to historical buildings or structures, archaeological monuments or features, the local landscape, or an association with a significant local historical individual, custom or event. Local historical societies or Fingal Libraries may be able to offer advice. In particular, the use and promotion of historical and current townland and parish names in the urban and rural environment should be promoted.

Names should be in both in the Irish and English languages, or in the Irish language exclusively. The exclusive use of Irish language names is encouraged. Guidance on Irish language names is available from .

Duplication of existing names in Fingal and north side Dublin City Council areas should be avoided. This is in the interests of owners, occupiers, visitors, service and utility providers and for rapid emergency service provision.

A single name should be selected for each street/apartment block as appropriate.