Road Closure Notices and Newspaper Advertisements

Deireadh Fómhair/October

Fingal CC Sup. Office Cleaner 03/12/2019

Fingal CC TRC Railway Street 2nd 03/12/2019

Fingal CC Architectural Conservation 3/12 4/12 5/12

Fingal CC CPO Broadmeadow 28/11/2019

Fingal CC Free Christmas Parking 26/11/2019

Fingal CC Hedge Cutting 26/11 27/11 28/11

Fingal CC TRC Rathbeale Road 26/11/2019

Fingal CC_Fingal Coastal Way 19/11/2019

Fingal CC TRC Railway Street 19/11/2019

Fingal CC Notice of Annual Budget 19/11/2019

Fingal CC_NTA Pedestrian Route 19/11/2019

Fingal CC Storeperson Leixlip 12/11 14/11

Fingal CC Parking Bye Laws 12/11 13/11 14/11

Fingal CC TRC Coillros Sundrive Road 12/11/2019

Fingal CC TRC Sundrive Road 29.10.19

Fingal CC Conacre letting 05/11/2019

Fingal CC Vacancy Night Watchperson 29.10.19

Fingal CC Waste Presentation Bye-Laws 22/10/2019

Fingal CC Vacancy Clerical Officer 17/10/2019

Fingal CC Vacancy Senior Library Assistant 17/10/2019

Fingal CC PP Stockhole Lane 15/10/19

Fingal CC PN Turvey Avenue Enhancement 15/10/19

Fingal CC PN R126 Hearse Road Bend 15/10/19

Fingal CC Rush Paint Scheme 15/10/19

Fingal CC PN Rathbeale Road 15/10/19

Fingal CC Planning Public Roads 15/10/19

Fingal CC Festivals and Events 2020 15/10/19

Fingal CC Vacancy Staff Officer & Senior Staff Officer 10.10.19

Fingal CC PN Cappagh Rd Finglas 10.10.19

Fingal CC Traffic Calming Grove Road The Rise 08.10.19

Fingal CC Short Term Letting 08.10.19

Fingal CC Vacancy Librarian 03.10.19

Fingal CC Public Meeting 01.10.19

Méan Fómhair/September

Fingal CC Vacancy Heritage Officer 26.09.19

Fingal CC Vacancy Digital Content Officer 26.09.19

Fingal CC TRC Railway Street 24.09.19

Fingal CC Community Environmental Action Fund 24.09.19

Fingal CC TRC Whites Road 19.09.19

Fingal CC Planning Bridge 17.09.19

Fingal CC Traffic Calming St Margarets NS Swords 17.09.19

Fingal CC Traffic Calming St Cronans Swords 17.09.19

Fingal CC Traffic Calming Cedar Ave Swords 17.09.19

Fingal CC Traffic Calming Castleview Swords 17.09.19

Fingal CC TRC Horestown Road 17.09.19

Fingal CC TRC Tower Road Whites Road 12.09.19

Fingal CoCo Supplier Engagement Event 10.09.19

Fingal CC TRC Railway Street 10.09.19

Fingal CC Variation to FDP 10.09.19

Fingal CC Approval Climate Action Plan 09.09.19

Fingal CC Commercial Minor Building Works 03.09.19

Fingal CC TRC Horestown Road 03.09.19

Fingal CC Local Elections Donations 03.09.19

Fingal CC Youth Sports Grant Scheme 03.09.19

Fingal CC Traffic Calming Scheme 03.09.19

Fingal CC LAP Dublin Airport 03.09.19


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