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The Fingal Fieldnames Project aims to explore and record the rich legacy of fieldnames and related heritage in our local landscapes. Every field in Fingal, and across Ireland, has a name or had one in the past. Names may derive from the topography of the land, or from the owners, or may describe the purpose of the field, its size or may relate to some event that took place in the field. Together these names tell us much about the history and heritage of our local landscapes. Through this project, we will begin the task of recording, analysing and publishing the fieldnames of Fingal and we will safeguard this invaluable cultural heritage asset for future generations.

Photo: Hanging Hill, Barnageeragh, Skerries 

Fieldnames Project Picture

Phase I of the project took place in 2018 and has formed a solid foundation for the gathering of fieldnames. Abarta Heritage were engaged to provide training to groups across the County including Skerries Historical Society, Balbriggan & District Historical Society, Garristown Historical Society, Ballyboughal Historical Society and groups from Dublin 15 as well as individuals from Rush, Lusk, Feltrim, Cloghran and Rowlestown. A survey recording sheet, project database and handbook have been developed. A total of 213 fieldnames were recorded by volunteers during Phase 1 and Phase II will build on this to capture a part of our heritage that is at risk of disappearing.

During 2018, volunteers across the county were given the training and skills to record the field names of their localities. They have been consulting old maps and documents, speaking to farmers and gathering as much knowledge as they can. Fingal County Council and Abarta Heritage have supported and steered these volunteers, and their work is starting to build new insights into the heritage of the area. 'Back of the Yard', 'Front of the House', 'Ladies Stairs', 'Long Leg' and 'Collier’s Horn' are just some of the 170 field names in Fingal which have been collected as part of the Fingal Field Names Project since it began in 2018.

New volunteers are very welcome to get involved in the next phase of this exciting project. It is open to anyone who wants to learn more about Fingal’s heritage and the opportunity to get hands on and contribute to recording a vital piece of intangible heritage before it is lost.

To find out more about the project, please contact Dr Conor Ryan, Abarta Heritage ( conor@abartaheritage.ie )


If you would like to get involved in the Fingal Fieldnames Project please contact: 

Christine Baker, Community Archaeologist

Tel:  01 8905691

Email:  christine.baker@fingal.ie


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